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Additional information on the breakdown of reference prices

  • The reference prices are published on a daily basis, becoming available the daily, weekly and monthly price for each product. In order to calculate the weekly and monthly prices, the daily prices for the period in analysis are considered, using an average of the daily values for each component. Thus, the above charts detail the values - both absolute numbers and percentages - of each component of the value chain, excluding secondary logistics and the retail margins.
  • The considered components for the reference prices and their respective sources are the following:
    • International price and freight - International prices of the oil products according to the international markets of the North Western Index and the transportation price to Lisbon. Those values are obtained along Argus media, an international analyst for the oil market, being then converted from USD to EUR and from tonnes to litres;
    • Additional amount due to biofuels - Additional cost due to biofuels (FAME, HVO, Bio-ETBE) on gasoil and gasoline, considering the biofuels incorporation goals and the prices obtained from the producers
    • Unloading, storage and reserves - Average values for the unloading and storage processes, obtained from the oil companies, and ENMC's values for the holding of oil reserves 
    • Filling process - Average values for the lpg bottle's filling, obtained from the oil companies
    • ISP and others  - Values due to the special tax on oil products and other taxes defined by the Government, like as specified:
Tax on oil products: 0,556€/l - defined on Portaria n.º 385-I/2017;
Road Service Contribution: 0,087€/l - defined on Lei n.º 64-B/2014;
Carbon Tax: 0,016€/l - defined on Portaria n.º 384/2017.


Tax on oil products: 0,338€/l - defined on Portaria n.º 385-I/2017;
Road Service Contribution: 0,111€/l - defined on Lei n.º 64-B/2014;
Carbon Tax: 0,017€/l - defined on Portaria n.º 384/2017.

PG Butane and Propane:

Tax on oil products: 0,008€/kg - defined on  Portaria n.º 320-D/2011;
Carbon Tax: 0,020€/kg - defined on Portaria n.º 384/2017.

  GPL Auto:

Tax on oil products: 0,065 €/l* - defined on article 92º e 93º on Código dos Impostos Especiais sobre o Consumo
Road Service Contribution: 0,063 €/l* - defined on Article 4th of the Law n.º 55/2007, with the redaction of the Lei n.º 82-B/2014
Carbon Tax: 0,010 €/l* - defined on Portaria n.º 384/2017.
*conversation €/kg to €/l  

    • VAT - Value added tax, defined by the Government.